We are I’a

 Swimwear inspired by nature.

About I’a:

In many of the languages of the Polynesian Islands, the word “I’a” means fish.  It is a collective word for all marine creatures that live in the oceans.  The prints and patterns on I’a swimwear are inspired by the dazzling colors and intricate markings of all the marine creatures we experienced while diving the coral reefs of the world.

Why Fish? ‘cause fish had it figured out way before the  fashion districts of Paris, Milan, London and New York were around… Coral reef fish use their colors and marking primarily to protect themselves, to blend in, to avoid predators on the reef. The colors and markings of the fish break up the form of the fish and confuse a predator’s recognition of its prey.  The colors and lines make them thinner, taller, smaller, larger than they actually are. Science calls this Disruptive Coloration. Vogue calls this, trendy.

Fish also use their coloration to identify themselves to one another, like fingerprints, no two fish have the same colors and markings. Walk into any cocktail party and look around, no two women will be wearing the same exact outfit, every creature is distinct.

Fish also use their striking colors to find a mate.  Unique, bold expressive prints and coloration send a message… evolution has proven that the most brilliantly colored has the best chance of getting a mate.

Why I’a?  By bringing the colors and designs up from the depths and onto the beaches, we hope to make folks more aware of what beautiful creatures live in our seas and that these creatures, along with their environment should be protected.

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