I’a Mission

 To create awareness…

Bathing suits patterned after fish??  I get asked that question all the time… Ocean fish are beautifully colored, ornately patterned, intriguing and exotic. Women are too. So, why not fish patterns on bathing suits?

The mission of I’a is to create awareness…  to help protect coral reefs and the mesmerizing exotic creatures that live on them.  The idea for I’a began when I dove the British Virgin Islands at Little Dix Bay and was captivated by a Green Moray Eel that poked his head out of a coral and startled me and my dive buddy.  He ran back to the beach chair and I stayed on the reef exploring and admiring all the colors and patterns of the fish on the reef.  I was inspired, and swimwear seemed the perfect canvas to bring these colorful intricate prints to life.  Legend has it, ancient Pacific Islanders adorned their bodies and faces with tattoos of the patterns of the native fishes of their islands…

Growing up with four sisters, I know first hand, girls create change.  Girls can and do effect societal awareness and change on a personal and a worldwide scale.  Your girl says octopus is smarter than you and you shouldn’t eat it, and guess what, the octopus population in the ocean has rebounded.  Yes, you ladies can save the oceans and we are with you.

At I’a, we are making beautiful intricate prints of beautiful creatures for strong-minded beautiful girls who can recognize the need to protect our oceans.

We also make men’s suits for the man who dives and  who has grown up with sisters and already knows their influence.

Be a fish out of water and enjoy the magic of reef life with I’a.