Blue Ringed Octopus Shorts

10in inseam, 21in outseam, Six eyelet grommet closure with nylon draw cord. Rear patch pocket with velcro closure and tab flap pull. Gunmetal grommets I’a molded logo at knee. Made in the USA.

CONTENTS – 100% Polyester quick dry suede microfiber, fully lined with nylon mesh


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Among the most fascinating creatures to adorn the reefs from the Sea of Japan to Australia to Vanuatu is the Blue-ringed Octopus (Hapalochlaena lunulata). Despite its donut-shaped brain and three hearts, there is no “plush toy” potential in this creature. The palm-sized swimmer of the snail family has a bite 1000 times more toxic than cyanide (overkill, if you ask me). It also is a master of camouflage; yet, when provoked, turns a startling yellow with pulsating blue spots. And, if it does get into a limb-tearing tangle with a predator, any of its eight arms conveniently will grow back. This way cool fish is a beauty and a beast that is best admired from afar.




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